Credit Repair for those who want to buy a home!  

Everyone sees credit repair a little differently and most of the time it's not in a positive light.  Unfortunately that is true most of the time.  At The Mokry Group, we don't just help you repair what's broken, rather we help you build healthy and strong credit for a solid foundation to help you and your family grow.

Why are we different?  What do we offer?  Of course, HOW MUCH IS IT?......

  1. When Mr. Mokry started his company he knew he wanted to know more than any other agent in the industry.  So he began by starting a credit "restoration" company in 2009.  He built it up, helped 100's of people and then sold it.  He then went into new home construction, recruited real estate agents, helped with loan modifications, and finally became a real estate agent with his own company.  His explosive knowledge base is what sets apart The Mokry Group and allows us to REALLY KNOW what it takes to get a client across the lending finishline! 
  2. Most companies only want to fix your credit, we want to repair/build/restore/and strengthen your credit.  Only by doing this can you really hope to increase your scores high enough to make this worth while.  NO ONE wants to spend a year or more working on their credit, we do it faster and better because of our system.  It's not enough to just fix credit or "repair" credit, you need the right mixture as well.  We are also going to TEACH YOU HOW TO DO THIS YOURSELF!  That's right, we will work WITH you in order to help repair, restore, and build your credit.  No wondering what we're doing, because you will be the one doing it with our guidance along the way.  It's a partnership and we're in this together.
  3. FREE!!!!  YES.....WE SAID FREE!!!   You can absolutely hold us 100% accountable.  If we don't succeed, it didn't cost you a dime and we made ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  So it's definitely in our best interest to make this work.  We will work tirelessly in order to help you get across the finish line and buy that new home, because that's the only way we get paid.  We are a Real Estate company, that's what we do and that's how we make our living.  We offer these services free of charge as a means to an end.  So you can be sure, we are in this with you.

We believe in transparency, we believe that if we can help you we should.  We have to make a living too, but Mr. Mokry believes in giving back.  The knowledge he has acquired is valuable, extremely valuable, and it's something we can offer that no one else can.  So call us today and let's get you into the home of your dreams!

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