First-Time Home Buyers

Okay, so you've made the decision to buy a home....Now What?

We put together the TOP 7 items you Must Know to buy in DFW.

1.    Your Agent is Key - Remember your agent is the one who is actually representing you to the seller and seller's agent.  Without an Amazing Agent, your chances of getting that home drop dramatically.  Be careful when choosing who represents you.

2.    Get Pre-Approved - You must remember that the sellers are being flooded with offers, so if you are not pre-approved your offer won't even be considered.  This is Vital to any offer being accepted and often times will be required to even see the home.

3.    Be Flexible - Realistical expectations are a Huge part of winning a home.  Be prepared to bend on your "Must Haves".  This is your first home, not your last.  That's why they call it a "Starter" home.

4.    Don't wait - Rates are on the rise and Prices are Definitely on the rise.  Home prices are going up anywhere from 1 to 12 % MONTHLY.  Yes you read that correct monthly.  

5.    Local Mortgage Lenders - Everybody gets online and searches for that low low interest rate.  That's great, but National Lenders and Huge Banks are blacklisted by almost every listing agent in the DFW Marketplace.  The reason why is simple, they can't close on time(or not even at all).  So Local Lenders only.

6.    Be Aggressive - Not just in your offers, but also in your time spent.  Be prepared to see a home at 7:30 on a Tuesday night or at 8:30 am on a Friday morning.  If you really want to home, you have to jump on it when they become available.

7.    Trust - Trust is Vital.  You have a team of people working for you.  The Real Estate Agent is your quarterback, and he/she is looking for the right play to score.  Once they have that play, it takes a team to get to the finish line.  Remember that, and TRUST them.

Buying your first home is a daunting task in Today's world and especially in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Marketplace.  You need help to do it, and you need the right fit for you.

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