Give your lawn a chance!

If the cold weather came in and left your lawn looking extra beat up this year, you're not alone.

So now that spring seems to have sprung, what can you do to give your yard a healthy start to the growing season?

Well, the first step many of us take is to rush down to our local home improvement store and buy a giant bag of turf-builder or fertilizer or call a lawn care company to start chemical treatments. This might work, but a natural and much more inexpensive solution could be sitting in your garage - a rake!

Start this spring season out by giving your grass a light raking and then just give it a couple weeks to see how it does on it its own. This will agitate and raise the grass blades exposing more surface area to the sunlight and allowing more air to circulate nearer to the soil stimulating healthy new growth. You don't need to de-thatch or completely remove old leaves or grass clippings --- just lightly rake and give it some time to do its thing before covering the yard in costly chemicals!

This will save you money and help you grow a healthy lawn you'll enjoy all year and as a bonus, it will give you an excuse to get outside and enjoy some of this absolutely amazing Texas spring weather!

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